Interaction of cultures and teams

Coaching expatriates, managers of geographical areas.

Especially Asian areas – Coach’Chine®


Managers and leaders confronted with the difference of geographical and managerial cultures.

Management of crosscultural teams or located in areas concerned with interculturality.

  • Expectations / Vision.
  • Study of the paroxysm of opposite situations – The difference without the different.
  • Specific questionning. Management of fears, apprehensions.
  • Positioning, integration of the reactivities of the “other world” and “the world of the other”, Representations.

We are support specialists for Asia. Ask us about our Coach’Chine® program – Managerial support taking into account the specific Asian context.

  • Specific coaching for constraints and Asian context
  • Main sources of conflicts in the East in the West.

  • Chinese thought and chaos-management influence in the East and then in the West.

  • The structures of the main models. Modeling of negotiations. Some succinct approaches to some founding texts (Daodejing, the Analects, The Art of War, Dispute over salt and iron). Consequences in the Chinese unconscious.

A journey: from extra-territoriality to interiority.

Veronique, passionate about ancient Chinese culture, studied classical texts at INALCO – Institut National des Langues Orientales –, the Ricci Institute and the Sèvres Center, knowledge from which she draws for a more rooted understanding of the differences in thoughts, postures and positions. With her long practice of Zen, she often has the opportunity to bring out work relating to the many paradoxes that are at stake, paradoxes present not only in the field of interculturality but which also regularly constitute obstacles in everyone’s daily life when they are only treated at the level of contradiction.

A journey that enabled her to understand the  difference at subtlety and complexity levels:

  • The overwhelming encounter, then as a young adult with China and the East VS West difference.
  • While she herself had suffered in her career from the place of women in the company, she took advantage of the Orient-Occident work to highlight the feminine which gradually took a more legitimate place in organizations but was still posed as Female OR Male.
  • On a more subtle level, personal work, the study of wisdoms and religions made her realize that she had to work from a more complete perspective of the person and of organizations; this is how she realized the importance not simply of a legitimate leadership also devolved to women but that beyond that, it was necessary to enhance the energy of the feminine which fully integrates intuition, interiority and global vision and not just linear – a posture fully linked to emotional intelligence. Presence & Accomplitude has made it, using tools, a specialty of its coaching and interventions and proposes to move from “IQ or QE” to “IQ AND EQ“. Even if IQ is a force, it is only the the tip of of an iceberg where everyone’s real power is in QE.
  • And naturally, with meditation, the path of life shifts from an external posture to an interior. It is indeed the work of understanding the other, as different as it is, and the Chinese of the 80s was very much, that made her do this work of inter and even intra-territoriality.
  • The work of “beyond” opposites allows to pass to a greater level of consciousness.

Our offers

Coaching for Executives and Managers in Asia

  • Responsible for international areas in France
  • Asian staff at headquarters and in teams
  • Asia leaders, Asia-Pacific CEO
  • Expatriates in China and AsiaExpatriés basés en Chine et en Asie

Preparation for negotiations and delegations

Interrelational topics in teams – Reciprocal representations and presentations

Preparation for expatriatio

Managerial specificities of the teams and multicultural relations. When taking a new assignation, or for an expatriation project, study of recurring questions about this new Direction / Orientation.

Personalized support till expatriation or mission, a source of release of energy often encapsulated stuck in tensions and questionings; the manager becomes fully available for his/her mission.

We have coached in Europe, Asia and have also intervened on an ad hoc basis for the Middle East and the United States. With a strong specificity for China.

And for many other nationalities: German, English, Italian, Moroccan, Indonesian etc.

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