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Any activity in harmony with Life according to the present and the future is fulfillment.
Albert Khan 1918

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Mindfulness at work. Companies & Institutions - Stress Management

Qualified MBSR Teachers specialisied in corporate trainings

Seminars – Team - Workhops

Interpersonal development – Relational intelligence, communication, adding value


Co-Essentielles® – Governance
/ Recreating yourself

Cross-cultural issues

Interaction of cultures – Coach’Chine®

Inter-companies - BeInspired@work

Inter-company evenings
Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Supervision of coaches

Integrative and ontological approach; continue building the framework of references and enriching the professional positioning of the coaches.

Meditation and workshop for individuals - Mindfulness / Spirit of Zen

MBSR Cycle – Versailles, Paris, Lisbon – Workshops

Meditation in the spirit of Zen

Why Presence & Accomplitude ?

P&A is the story of a merger between two firms, Veronique Cheynet-Cluzel’s and Anne-Sophie Pastel-Dubanton’s.

Our goal: Using the tools of coaching, mindfulness, interpersonal development knowledge and the energy of emotions in order to help people develop their empowerment and the relationship intelligence, hence more accurate communication; so that they can be in tune with themselves, reach their full potential and develop a higher level of consciousness.

Together, let’s develop your potential

Anne-Sophie and Veronique met when they were children and met again, perhaps not only by chance. They discovered that, after a career in the industry for Véronique and the launch of for Anne-Sophie, they had both become coaches. Moreover from the same school Coach & Team – Transformance (Vincent Lenhardt). They also found out that meditation was at the center of their lives, along with a common goal: giving more attention to others by developing presence and self-fulfillment.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to support you, your teams and staff within an ethical framework and according to the deontology of the trade in order to enable everyone to achieve their best. Always on the way to progress, trained by world’s leading experts – Vincent Lenhardt, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Otto Scharmer, Arawana Hayashi, Marshall Rosenberg and other famous trainers such as Olga Chiappini – we wish to keep learning and practicing, go to silent retreats, attend seminars, participate or take part in workshops, lectures which we already do several times a year, and also share the tools that have enabled us to grow along with providing training in mindfulness.

We have met and continue to meet great instructors and thinkers. We have immersed ourselves in their works and inTraditional wisdom, especially Asian, which largely influence us.


An International and adjustable team

The core team is composed of Anne-Sophie Dubanton who has lived in the United States and Veronique Cheynet-Cluzel who has had professional experience in China within a large industrial group. We also have a partnership with coaches who can join the project in accordance with the assignment or the location. We have thus successfully delivered projects in Europe, Asia, The U.S.A or the Middle-East.

Veronique – Presence & Accomplitude –   started supporting middle managers with great success  – within the Total Group, which encouraged me to accredite her as a coach for the entire organization.

We also appreciated her awareness and understanding regarding women leadership and her knowledge of France-China cross cultural issues.

Christian Basse

HR, Career manager and executive coaching specialist, Total Group. Author of What if we give him coaching? and Stay in control of your career


They trusted us

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Do not hesitate to contact us, to ask us for information, it could be the first steps of our journey together.

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