Our action with groups:

Workshops – Seminars – Team-building – Trainings.


Whether in training workshops, with your teams, seminars or Team-buildings, we work
at the service of the collective and relational Intelligence.

Intervene in the collective / team:

For the group’s activities – Workshops, seminars, support of Codir, Management boards or teams, we draw inspiration from the great trainers and teachers with whom we have been trained and we mainly rely on:


  • COACHING – Main, well-known or lesser-known tools from the field of coaching.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – The transformation of the energetic power of emotions to make them intelligent. Emotions have an encapsulated or misdirected energy which, transformed, will give women and men their relational intelligence capacities back.
  • CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION – According to the process of Marshall Rosenberg’s process – NVC or NonViolent Communication. A process that allows with awareness, to observe, to make people observe, to take time to feel and gives space to the needs, but also makes relationships intelligent. The conditions are then put in place for the emergence of powerful, nourishing and admissible questions and requests that restore fluidity in relationships. Marshall, a famous American clinical psychologist whose work was largely inspired by Carl Rogers and Gandhi, worked in many conflict zones around the world and his books have been translated into major languages.
  • THEORY U – Otto Scharmer, researcher and teacher at MIT, observed and studied the posture of the 200 greatest leaders who initiated remarkable contributions and/or made major changes; he discovered that these leaders operate from an inner state, or particular level of consciousness, but not necessarily perceptible to an external observer. Otto modeled his research in Theory U – a process of emergence which enables to collect intuitions and operate the transformation of situations into a new reality that makes us collectively draw from an accessible source of inspiration – by a relevant path because inclusive – feelings and deep contact with oneself. His leadership course on leadership is the most requested course at the MIT and his MOOC has been followed by tens of thousands of people around the world. Theory U has become the governing principle of Scotland, the German healthcare system and large innovative companies.
  • SIY – SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF – CHADE Meng Tan. This is the articulation – Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness – in the SIY leadership program that Meng created as an engineer at Google in the early days of the company, and the creative part of this business owes him a lot. His program is acclaimed by great leaders and several government officials. We are inspired by this program; The coaching-emotional intelligence-mindfulness joint is part of our DNA.
  • MINDFULNESS MEDITATION – Jon Kabat-Zinn. Professor Emeritus of Medicine, trained at MIT Medical University, was the first to initiate works combining neuroscience and mindfulness. More than 700 studies have since been published in scientific committee journals such as The Lancet, Nature, publications which demonstrate the effects of Mindfulness on many pathologies and which enables to reduce stress and to access more attention, presence and accomplishment.



In our workshops or work with teams or in seminars, we are inspired by a body-heart-cognition coordinated work that emerges according to your needs. Some processes, avenues of work:


  • Rendering emotions intelligent / Relational intelligence
  • Connecting to yourself and to others with Mindfulness
  • Governance and intuition
  • Listening to the emerging future with U-Lab tools.
    • Infuse life into a dying system
    • Crumbling walls and foundations, which walls should be dealt with, or what to do with what has collapsed
    • Sensing: consensus, awareness, sense. Co-sensing, presencing
    • How to lead from the emerging future
    • Identification of injuries; according to the environment, three divides can be taken into account:
      • The social divide (from self to other)
      • The spiritual-cultural divide (from self to self)
      • Ecological divide (from  self to nature)
  • Discovery of blind spots; new perspectives
  • Vulnerabilities, a source of more being
  • Identification of the directions in which the energies flow; implementation to consolidate or reorient them
  • Governance levers
  • The actions of Ego to Eco – From an obsolete « ego-system » focused entirely on the well-being of oneself to an « eco-system » awareness that emphasizes and that echoes the well-being of the whole and where everybody can find his/her own right place. In short, A JOURNEY OF CONSCIOUSNESS FROM EGO TO ECO.

« When companies hire hearts »

Jean-Marc Vittori – Les Echos | The 15/01/2016

An American consultant, Dov Seidman : 

« We moved from an industrial economy – where workers were hired hands – to a knowledge economy – where they were hired heads   – and now to a human economy – where the most valuable workers will be hired hearts ».


Relational Intelligence, a collective that collaborates:

Use of the emotional sphere to put it at the service of the relationship and the power of the group.

Decoding emotions and interactions in the relationship.

Use and transformation of emotions. A "Taiji" of the emotions:

Become an actor of Emotional Intelligence and then of Relational Intelligence. Respond rather than react, with full use of what is happening inside oneself; become an actor and author of the inter-relationship.

From stress to anchoring in your comfort zones.

Communication awareness - Conflict management.

NonViolent Communication, Harvard Negotiation Project, Otto Scharmer's Theory U are regularly used.

Seminars can feel like a retreat.

And why not, around an emblematic figure, a great leader, such as the lives of Gandhi, Matteo Ricci or others that we have studied. In order to work on the posture of leaders, we have chosen relevant exercises from their teaching, especially dedicated to the company.

Presence & Accomplitude


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